A heady, sultry statement, TAKEN captures you. Sweet, sexy notes of mango, peach, bergamot with subtle accords of jasmine and muguet. This addictive fragrance is grounded in deep vanillas and soft patchouli blends that hold you like a second skin. Captivating your senses, entrancing whomever's path you cross.

Taken Gift Set

Taken Gift Set


Taken large

1 oz/30 ml Eau de Parfum Spray


Taken large

1/3 oz/10 ml Eau de Parfum Roll-On


Taken Candle

9 oz Ivory Coconut Wax Taken fragrance candle, cotton wick, 60 hour burn.
Coconut wax is the cleanest burning, most sustainable wax on the market.
Can be applied as solid perfume.


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